Jim Thome

I’m going to the Twins game with the Yankees on Thursday in Minneapolis.  I had been secretly hoping that Jim Thome would hit his 599th home run in Detroit so that I would have a decent chance of seeing number 600 in person.

So imagine my excitement when, as planned, Thome hit number 599 last night in Detroit.  In my mind, Gardy would have given Big Jim a couple days off after that and would have had him in the lineup for Thursday night’s showdown with the Yanks.

But apparently Thome didn’t get the memo, because a half hour after his 599th he hit his 600th.  I did a fist pump on my couch and decided that it might be fun to see his 601st home run too.  Although not quite as historical.

I’ve never met Jim Thome, but he seems like a really easy guy to root for.  He’s now in an exclusive club with only seven other members, several of which have been linked to steroids in the last few years.