Random Thursday

*Congratulations to Joe Nathan on becoming the all-time saves leader for the Minnesota Twins.  Joe surpassed Rick Aguilera last night by locking down the win over the Red Sox.  I’ve always liked Joe.  Even when things aren’t going well, he seems like a stand-up kind of guy.  And I like the way he exhales on the mound.  That’s how I exhale at work too.

*I got to see the new Byron L. Dorgan Terminal at the Grand Forks Airport last night.  A few finishing touches are still needed, but the place is nice.  Really nice.  Job well-done by all those involved with that very big project.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Tami and James.

*We made a visit to Matt’s Bar on Cedar in Minneapolis on Monday.  After a little soul searching, I’ve decided that Matt’s is the best Juicy Lucy out there.  For a while I was in Shamrock’s corner, but now that I’m thinking more clearly, it’s Matt’s.  I think.

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