Ellen, The Twins, and Minneapolis

Target Field

During my well deserved time off, I spent some time in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul.)  In addition to my obligatory trip to Target Field to watch yet another Twins loss, I did a bunch of other stuff too.  Despite not seeing the Twins win a game yet this year (0-4), I did get to see Ellen Degeneres at Target Field on Monday night.  She was at the same game and appeared on the video board where she answered trivia questions about Joe Mauer.  You can insert your own punch line here.  Anyway, she created quite a buzz around the stadium.  And for the record, she is tiny.

Aside from the loss, the game was quite entertaining and it was probably one of the nicest nights of the summer.  At least Red Sox Daughter left the stadium with a big smile.  It also afforded me the opportunity to use the “Panorama” feature on my camera which also acts as a texting device AND a cell phone.  The above photo is taken in the panoramic mode.  Feel free to click on it to get the full effect.  It almost makes you feel like you’re there suffering right along with me.


Fru-LaLa is one of the best kept secrets of Minneapolis.  Located in Dinky Town on the campus of the University of Minnesota, Fru-LaLa is a yogurt shop.  Keep in mind that I am not a yogurt fan.  But I am now a fan of this place.  It’s self-serve with about eight different kinds of yogurt, all of which are quite interesting, and about 50 different toppings.  I could learn to love yogurt if all the places were like this one.  And when your done loading your bowl up with yogurt and toppings, you head over to the scale to weigh your concoction and you’re charged accordingly.  Interesting concept.  Next time, I’m going to try the “Red Velvet” yogurt.

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  1. Fargo has a similar yogurt shop – Tutti-Frutti – on 13th Ave, opening 2nd location on 32nd Ave/25th St. – YUM!

  2. The CherryBerry yogurt place we’re getting in Grand Forks is similar in concept to FruLaLa. Can’t wait for it to open!

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