Jim Kleinsasser

Jim Kleinsasser

One of my favorite sports writers is Patrick Reusse from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  He’s the perfect mix of wit and humor.  And he can absolutely coax the English language into doing what he wants it to do.  Reusse is a columnist, and I agree with his points of view probably 95% of the time.

In today’s Star Tribune, Reusse wrote about one of my favorite football players, Jim Kleinsasser.  Kleinsasser is from Carrington, North Dakota, played college football at the University of North Dakota and is now entering his 13th year with the Minnesota Vikings.  Reusse’s story can be found here.

Two winters ago I spent a couple of hours with Jim and his family at his beautiful Lake Minnetonka home.  I was interviewing him for a television story.  He could not have been any nicer.  Thirteen years in the NFL is unreal accomplishment.  I’m happy to see him get some ink.  And to give him some.

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  1. My Mom & I were on the same flight as he & a couple other Vikings post-season about 10 years ago, and she had to go say “Hi” since she said he was a “local boy”, and she knew his parents! I hung back, because I didn’t want to embarrass the poor guy, but he was most gracious and chatted with her while we waited for the plane to board! Nice to see him get some Kudos!

  2. 13 years with the same team in professional sports is quite the accomplishment, in any sport, but especially in the NFL, where injuries end a lot of careers prematurely.

    He is very respected both in and around the Vikings organization.

  3. in college Jim used to (part of the obligation of the guys on scholarship) keep the scoreboard/book for me when I ref’d in winter basketball league. He’s stretch out at the table and get pretty nonchalant….something you wouldn’t put up with with just anybody….but he never missed or was ‘slow’ with anything going on the board..dont mistake his Big and Quiet for anything less. In college FB they didn’t ‘max him out’ at all – they kept him ‘back’ for the big plays when they were needed.

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