Mi Mexico

We receive a lot of “news tips” on a daily basis at WDAZ.  Some don’t pan out.  Some have “elements” of truth in them.  And some are 100% accurate.  Sadly, that was the case yesterday when a call came through to the newsroom from an unidentified source alerting us to the possibility that Mi Mexico had closed.

My mind immediately began racing for reasons that one of my top three favorite Grand Forks restaurants was closed at 3:00 p.m. on a Tuesday.  But I knew better.  And less than an hour later we had indeed confirmed that it was closed.

I will really miss Mi Mexico.  As will my parents who enjoyed coming to the big city for a chance to take me to lunch.  And more often than not we chose Mi Mexico.  I’d like to think we did our part in keeping it open.

In addition to the food, I will also miss the very, very friendly staff at the restaurant.  Good people who always took the time to talk for more than just a few seconds.

Eighteen months of Mi Mexico wasn’t enough for this guy.

7 thoughts on “Mi Mexico

  1. This is so sad! They had the best real mexican food AND a margarita that didn’t disappoint. Way better than the “other” place down the road where you sit herded like cattle in a pen waiting for them to dump mexican food in your trough. Not happy.

  2. So sad to hear that Mi Mexico closed! It was our FAVORITE Mexican Food restaurant and no other in Grand Forks can even come close! Please come back!

  3. I was there twice and would never go back! Food was cold once. And less than great the other time. Service was terrible. My soda was flat and the server actually asked me what she was supposed to do about it!

  4. We LOVED Mi Mexico, I was so sad to hear it had closed! We have since been relocated to Arizona (courtesy of the USAF, would loved to have been able to retire in GF) and Mi Mexico was one of the things/places we really missed about living there.

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