Dickey’s BBQ Coming to Grand Forks?

Dickey's BBQ in Eagan, MN

Remember the one time at band camp when I wrote about my wish for a Dickey’s BBQ Pit to come to Grand Forks?  That’s right, two days ago.  Anyway, it seems that my wish isn’t the craziest thought I’ve had this year.  After thinking about it for a while, I decided to check out their website.  Under locations I clicked on North Dakota.  To my surprise it said that Dickey’s would be coming to both Grand Forks and Fargo.  Now, I fully realize that chains will sometimes run these ideas up the flag pole to see if anyone salutes it.  We all remember how Sonic teased us a few years ago in much the same manner.

So being the veteran newsman that I am, I called the Dickey’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas.  A nice lady with a southern accent answered the phone.  Her drawl made me hungry.  I explained to her who I was and where I was calling from.  After a minute of southern hospitality on her part, I interrupted and blurted out, “Are you opening a Dickey’s in Grand Forks?”  Without missing a beat or putting me on hold or leafing through some imaginary papers, she replied, “That’s the plan.  You should be hearing more in a couple of months.”

That was confirmation enough for me.

You know how when a new Star Wars movie comes out, or a Harry Potter movie is released, people will camp out in line and wear crazy costumes just to be the first in line?  Well, that’s pretty much what I’m going to do if/when construction starts on the Grand Forks Dickey’s BBQ Pit.  I hope the construction workers don’t mind me watching them work while sitting in a lawn chair in front of my tent.

8 thoughts on “Dickey’s BBQ Coming to Grand Forks?

  1. “Her southern drawl made me hungry.”

    Really?! I am seriously worried about the possibility that your warped meat-tooth mind is the result of some genetic preponderance.

  2. Bring a chain and padlock to lock the door for a week once you get in.

  3. It’s open today, man! My little brother, Josh Becker, made your dreams come true! Hope you’re in a meat coma right now! :)

    • I’m delaying my meat coma until the weekend, so that I have more time to recuperate…but I’m definitely excited!

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