My Grand Forks Wish List

While following Red Sox Daughter’s Summer of Tennis Tour 2011, we happened upon several eating establishments in the Twin Cities area.  Following are three places that I’d really like to see in Grand Forks in the very near future.  My favorites, in order:

Broadway Pizza has about 10 locations in the Twin Cities area.  This one is in Apple Valley.  I’ve had three days to think about it and I’ve decided that it was the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.  I’m currently going through withdrawals thinking about it.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is one of the best kept secrets in MSP.  While Famous Dave’s is the more well known joint, Dickey’s is absolutely no slouch in the world of BBQ.  In fact, it might be better than Dave’s and is definitely cheaper.  This particular location was in Eagan and was fairly small and in a strip mall.

A Leeann Chin in Grand Forks would be a license to print money.  (Note to self:  open a Leeann Chin in Grand Forks.)  We found this one in St. Paul although it seems like there is one every few miles.  Awesome Chinese food, already prepared, and a lot of it.

10 thoughts on “My Grand Forks Wish List

  1. There’s a LeeAnn Chinn coming to Fargo in the West Acres Mall! My sister almost fell over when she saw the sign.

  2. LeAnn Chin’s is open in West Acres, and Dickey’s BBQ is coming to Fargo this fall, near Pawn America on 13th Ave.

  3. mmmm, yummy, LeeAnn Chin….one of the main reasons I go home! Gonna have to get some next week…you want me to bring you some back? Oh ya, good call on Broadway Pizza!

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