The Sweaty Twins Game

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sensing the Twins were on a little bit of a streak, I headed to Target Field Monday for a noon tilt with the Cleveland Indians.  I knew my presence would put an end to any momentum they might have had.  The tickets were for a rained out game earlier in the season.  And did I mention it was 98 degrees with a feels like index of 115?  But who’s keeping track?  Anything above 90 is bad news.

When it’s that hot you become witness to a lot of sweaty people.  It was so hot that I tried to sit as perfectly still as I could.  And the Twins did their part by not doing a single thing that would cause a person to stand up and cheer or to clap violently.

Aside from the atrocious play of the Twins, the most horrible sight of the day were the four people I saw wearing blue jeans.  I almost fainted watching these people.  Remember the “Seinfeld” episode where Kramer is wearing the really tight jeans?  That’s how these people were walking up and down the steps.  Like Frankenstein.

So to summarize:  Minnesota is 0-3 with me in attendance this year, Joe Mauer collected three hits and played a pretty solid first base, and wet blue jeans are not a good look on anyone.

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      • You should give the Twins a call and tell them your win/loss record. They would probably buy you some tickets for the White Sox, Tigers and Indians games……..when they are not playing the Twins.

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