New Conference, New Refs?

A press conference is being held today in Colorado today to announce the new hockey conference of which the University of North Dakota will be a member.  That is exciting.

What’s also exciting is that with a new conference will come new refs.  I’m not sure where these officials will come from, but I assume it’s possible a couple of the WCHA refs will be asked to work in the new conference.  Regardless, it seems obvious that the officiating in the new conference will undoubtedly be better.  Even if they do bring a couple of guys over from the WCHA.

A couple of days ago I asked Summer Sidekick about the quality of refereeing in the WCHA.  As a former Sioux player he has quite a bit of knowledge on the topic.  In fact, he spent so much time in the penalty box during his college career that he had his mail forwarded there.  SSK figures that there are maybe two officials that are decent in the WCHA but that the majority aren’t very good.

So, by default, the officiating in the new conference has to better.  Doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “New Conference, New Refs?

  1. The NCHC? That will take some time to get used to. Sounds more like a hospital acronym.

  2. I don’t know a lot of the names in either the WCHA or the CCHA, but I recognize a few of the names, and they’re names that I at least never looked down upon as officials in the USHL. Personally, I’ve always thought Craig Welker and Chad Evers are pretty good, and Jonathan Morrison was a really good linesman though I’ve never actually seen him ref a game (bias alert: I live near Mason City, where Jon is from)…and I’ve ALWAYS been impressed with McCreary.

    I watched Dean Sanborn from the CCHA do games when he was in the USHL, and he was absolutely cringeworthy…and when I’ve gotten the chance to watch Todd Lacina do ACHA (!) games, I’ve never been impressed at all. Unfortunately, a lot of the refs coming up through juniors right now are god-awful…so the outlook isn’t real good anyway.

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