Lakota and Turkey and Pork

A belated word about the good people of Lakota, North Dakota.  Three of us from the WDAZ Newsroom had the great pleasure of attending the Lakota Barbecue Turkey Festival last Friday night.  And let’s just say that the smell in the air was pretty much what you would imagine when 54 turkeys are turning slowly over a charcoal filled pit.

Not pictured is the 320 pounds of pork that was also prepared by the townsfolk.  To say that the turkey and the pork were juicy would be the understatement of 2011.

Next year is the 50th annual Lakota Turkey Barbeque.  Count me in.

5 thoughts on “Lakota and Turkey and Pork

  1. Hey, I am from Lakota, ND and have relatives there. I missed this year’s turkey festival, but I plan on being there next year!! PS if my sister reminds me!

  2. Reggie,

    Why didn’t you interview Kenny Rogers as he craved the turkeys?


    The Ditch

  3. DD. That is not Kenny Rodgers! Kenny Rodgers would be more familar with going under a different kind of knife!
    That is Joe from the Crab Shack!
    Seriously though , next year how about giving all these guys some nice t-shirts to wear during the 50th. These guys have been very generous in giving their time to this event for so many years now , they deserve a BIG ‘Thank You’ !!!

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