Random Thursday

*I think the Geico Caveman commercials have run their course.  They should be “retired.”

*If a hockey player is 6 feet, 9 inches tall, how tall is he on skates?

*Speaking of commercials, the cell phone commercial where the woman is SCREAMING at the top of her lungs because she sees a scary spider on a phone screen?  You know the one?  That is one very aggressive television commercial.  It also happens to be the phone I have.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Pam in Fargo.

*I have a weird feeling that Joe Mauer is going to come back with a vengeance.

*Lebron James is taking his talents to the NHL.  He heard they only play three periods.

*I’m here all week.

*Bonus shout out to all the fathers out there.  Happy Father’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. thanks for the shout-out, and I really, really hope you’re right about Sweet Baby Jesus Mauer…it’s time for him to prove his paycheck!!

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