JL Beers

JL Beers, West Fargo Location

With work underway on the JL Beers in Grand Forks, I decided that in the best interest of my readers and journalism, I would take time out of my busy schedule and do some investigative reporting at the West Fargo location of JL Beers.  You know…to get a feel for what we can expect in Grand Forks.  And because I was hungry.  Two birds, one stone.

Let’s just say that if there is any way for me to get a reserved parking space and bar stool at the new place in Forks, sign me up.  Now.  Because JLB is that good and it’s shockingly small, so both the space and the seat are going to be at a premium.  And the way that the Grand Cities responds to new joints opening up, you might want to consider getting in line right now.

On this Saturday visit to JLB in WF, I found the menu to be quite simple to operate and very easy to navigate.  Simply put, they serve hamburgers and beers.  Lots of different kinds of each.  Wanting to relive my Vancouver trip, I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg on it.  And some fresh cut Cajun potato chips.  The waitress advised me to get some BBQ Ranch dipping sauce and that turned out to be the best bit of advice I’ve received since 1980, when my mom told me not to get a “perm,” even though everyone was getting one.  Thanks mom.  And thanks to the very adept waitress who worked the patio on this overcast Saturday.  Why the patio, you ask?  Because all 49 seats inside were taken.  As were the 16 seats outside.  I didn’t mind sitting outside.  The food was so good that I would have stood in the middle of traffic on the adjacent 13th Avenue to eat it.


Bacon Cheeseburger, Cajun Chips, BBQ Ranch Dipping Sauce. Not pictured: Diet Coke.

And remarkably, I received my food in about 10 minutes.  Win-win.

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  1. God that looks good. I can’t wait to get home in August. I think I am going to gain about 20 pounds eating at all the places that are in ND and not Massachusetts.

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