Friday Photo


From L to R: Brady Mallory, Terry Dullum, Charley Johnson.

A strange thing happened Monday in the WDAZ newsroom.  And that’s a very bold statement because most days have some strange occurrence at a television station.

It was early in the afternoon when I noticed that our two veteran news anchors were wearing fairly similar green shirts.  As I arose from my office to give them grief, relative newcomer Brady Mallory happened upon the scene wearing…you guessed it…a shirt from the same shade of green family.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity for a blog I took a picture with my BlackBerry (you know, since I can’t make or receive any phone calls with it.  The switch from Alltel to AT&T has been so annoying and aggravating…but I digress.)

So there you have it.  Three guys wearing very similar colored shirts.  And they swear they didn’t call or text each other.  I have my doubts.  I think they were making some kind of statement.

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