Harmon Killebrew

Before the steroid era took over Major League Baseball 10 years ago, Harmon Killebrew was one of the Top 5 home run hitters of all time.  Harmon’s death today makes me bitter towards the morons that juiced up to comical proportions and head sizes, and in doing so pushed Harmon down the list of all-time great sluggers, at least statistically.  If anything good comes of his passing, I hope at least people realize that Killebrew was a gentle giant with a powerful yet somehow graceful swing.  Outside the Minnesota Twins ballpark, Target Field, there are several statues of Twins greats.  The statue of Harmon is the most realistic one of the bunch.  He’s in full extension of what looks to be a just completed home run swing.

Touch ’em all, Harmon.

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