A no-hitter does not a season make.  But it does make one of the slowest starts in team history a little easier to tolerate.  And so the saga of Francisco Liriano and the Minnesota Twins continues.  He and the club have been completely awful for a month and then when you least expect it, he throws a no-hitter.  And it’s a really good thing that he did because the Twins were almost as inept offensively as the White Sox.

Earlier in the day I heard former Twins great player Ron Coomer say on the radio that if Liriano didn’t show significant improvement that there was a chance that he could be sent down to the Triple A club in Rochester, NY.  I guess he’s bought himself another start with that performance last night.

As with all no-hitters, a couple of defensive gems saved the game.  Danny Valencia’s play deep behind third base in the seventh inning and Justin Morneau’s scoop of Matt Tolbert’s horrible throw in the 9th both saved what would have been likely ruled as hits.

Now, let’s not all rush out and order World Series Tickets just yet.  In fact, take a deep breath and keep an eye on Liriano’s next start.  He’s just as likely to give up nine runs as he is to throw a shutout.

Ps…In advance, I will accept your kudos on the clever headline.  I bet a lot of newspapers wish they had thought of that.

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4 thoughts on “LiriaNO-NO

    • Good point. Although that wouldn’t have been ruled a hit. Fielder’s choice. But he did sell the fact that he made the tag.

  1. Good point. It wouldn’t have been ruled a hit, but it would have been one more hitter he would have to get out. Which in his own words, he was running out of gas in the 9th inning.

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