Friday Photos

I’m kind of a license plate buff.  And while I personally don’t have specialized plates, I do enjoy checking out different plates while making my appointed rounds.  I’m especially a fan of the plates that cut right to the chase.  “WE BOWL” falls into that category.  It doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination and that’s the way I like it.  License plates that are a riddle or a Haiku are troubling for me.  I’m not smart enough to try and figure out the hidden message you’re trying to send to other motorists.  I like it to be blunt.  A declarative statement if possible.

This one speaks to me on a couple different levels.  Apparently the car’s owner is a hockey fan and, more specifically a follower, of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association.

Someone told me that a local columnist often writes about license plates she’s seen.  I’ve taken that idea and added pictures.  Ta-Da!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Photos

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