Win Win: Reviewed

I have a Paul Giamatti rule:  if he’s in a movie, I go to it.  It also applies to Steve Buscemi and Morgan Freeman.  It’s a fairly basic rule but has served me well for a long time.  So when I saw the previews for “Win Win” a couple weeks ago starring Giamatti, I knew immediately what my next movie was going to be.

“Win Win” is a must see.  For everyone.  It’s a movie that relates to all people and has a “real” feel to it.  The characters are totally believable and the story line, which revolves around a high school wrestling coach (Giamatti) is very intriguing.  While the setting for the movie is New Jersey, it could have been any high school in the United States.

Win Win:  4 out of 5 stars.

River Cinema 15.

My first popcorn since Lent started and 1/2 Red Hi-C and 1/2 Sprite.  The popcorn was very good and I cherished each bite.

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5 thoughts on “Win Win: Reviewed

  1. Must sees for me include Freeman and Denzel and usually Costner but he has thrown some bricks up lately.

  2. Hey Reggie,

    Where do you fall on the “favored” seasonings now found at many theaters in our fair land. Flavors like Cheddar Cheese, Ranch, etc….

    Are these Reggie Tales Approved or are they frowned upon????

    Inquiring minds want to know.


    The Ditch

    • Personally, I don’t approve of the various popcorn toppings found at theaters these days. But I will not interfere with someone’s right to ruin their popcorn. What’s next? Bacon Bits? BBQ Chicken? Stop the insanity.

  3. shut your mouth! ranch and nacho cheese popcorn powder rules!!
    I can see I’m going to have the try the graduation punch next time too :)

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