Twins vs. Cleveland

Some rubes and I will be taking in the Twins and Indians tonight at Target Field.  If it doesn’t rain.  And if the Twins can find enough players that want to play.  This will be my first game of the year and the idea of watching Matt Tolbert ground out to second base four times while it’s raining has my mind wandering towards a Murray’s Steak Sandwich already.

But I remain hopeful.  The thought of catching a glimpse of Twins first baseman Justin Morneau has me very excited.  Remember that grainy video of “Bigfoot?” That’s what I imagine it would be like to see Morneau in uniform.  It’s that rare. And if I see him I will attempt to snap a photo.

When I first saw this game on my schedule, I knew I’d be seeing a game where the first place team in the Central Division was taking on the last place team in the division.  I just assumed it would be the other way around.

Wish me luck.

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2 thoughts on “Twins vs. Cleveland

  1. You’re fortunate that your mother’s interweb is out of commission in Stephen and she is unable to scrutinize your reprehensible thoughts: a STEAK (meat) sandwich on GOOD FRIDAY?? Enjoy that tuna sub that you’ll be consuming instead!

    • Good catch YC,

      I favor a nice Chinese Fragrant Shrimp and Scallop meal for dinner and Fish Tacos for Supper on Good Friday.


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