Shamrock’s Revisited

The "Paul Molitor" version of the Juicy Lucy, before. Well, kinda before. Also shown, some of the best fries in the Midwest.

Summer Sidekick refers to people who go to the same eating establishment several times over a short period of time as “repeat offenders.”  Well, where Shamrock’s in St. Paul is concerned, mark me down on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List.

I made my first trek to the joint on West 7th Street about two months ago.  My second visit was during the Frozen Four.  I had known for six weeks that I was going to order the pepper jack version of the Juicy Lucy, known as the “Paul Molitor” at Shamrock’s.  Paul Molitor is a St. Paul legend, and it was everything I thought it would be.  I won’t bore you with the details, but my eyes rolled into the back of my head several times and I vaguely remember grunting once or twice.  Like a caveman.

As far as the French Fries are concerned, they are good enough to warrant a separate blog entry of their own.  Also, eating the fries gives you something to do as you wait for your Juicy Lucy to cool from 900 degrees Fahrenheit to the low 500s.

After. Notice the crumbs. I left them there for the picture. Then I ate them.

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    • I didn’t. And while I saw them on the menu, I think I’m too scared to try them. Maybe on my third visit. Or fourth.

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