Fargo Smashburger

Let the clamoring begin in Grand Forks.  I went to a “Smashburger” in Fargo on Saturday with some of my meat loving friends.  Smashburger is a hamburger joint.  And now that I’ve been to one, I want one here in the Grand Cities.

Smashburger is very similar to Five Guys Burgers in feel, size, and decor.  But the food is better in my estimation.  In fact, it’s probably one of the best “fast food” hamburgers I’ve ever had.  The fries are very comparable to McDonald’s in taste, but the amount was on the smallish side.  SB offers a wide array of toppings, including, but not limited to, pepper jack cheese and fried eggs.  And Bacon.  Yep, it was capitalization worthy.

Prices are also similar to FGB.  Which is to say that it’s more expensive than, say, a Culvers.

Now that we’ve secured an Olive Garden, let’s direct our attention to Smashburger.  Check them out HERE.

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6 thoughts on “Smashburger

  1. if you want a really good burger in Fargo, next time try JL Beers – 2 locations: downtown and W.Fgo. Cheaper than Smash or 5 Guys, and better tasting!!

    • David,I went back a couple of weeks ago, and my opioinn actually went down a bit. The onion rings weren’t rings anymore, and not as good, and the inside of the restaurant was dirty. It’s a step up from 5 Guys, but not from Smash Burger.

  2. Smashburgers is a piece of trash. Their food is horrible, rotten at most. The people that work there are stuck up snot heads who dont know how to run the place. I will never step food in this horrid place. Ive never been treated so rudely.

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