New Job

As some of you have already heard, and judging by the nearly 100 e-mails and text messages I’ve received it’s quite a few, I was named the News Director at WDAZ-TV yesterday.  I’m taking over for Cassie Walder, who left the station two weeks ago to move to the Washington, D.C. area.

I first want to thank everyone that has taken the time to call or write with congratulations.  I might have the most thoughtful family and friends in the world.  I’m truly humbled.

So, now what?  As I sit in a bare office soliciting decorating advice from anyone who stops by, I’m pondering my future blogging material.  Hard to say which way it will go.  I’ll figure something out.  I’m quite resourceful that way.

But for now, I’d better get back to work.  And if anyone has a  decorating theme in mind for my office, feel free to share.

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16 thoughts on “New Job

  1. Congrats buddy, Guess we will need a Kurty’s Kustom Woodburning in your office…We will hash out the picture on a bar napkin ;-)

  2. Reggie – CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes on the new job!! I am so proud of you … they’ve selected the perfect guy!! ps: I happen to know a Interior Designer/Decorator in town :) Call if you need some assistance!!

  3. Congratulations Reggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We go way back and it’s fun to see one of the truly good guys being recognized. Let’s celebrate at the Flat Top the next time you are in town.


  4. Way to go, Lil’ Bro! Who would believe that you spent all that time hanging upside down in the crab apple tree? I bet you’re really glad now that I insisted you stay in Mrs. Opp’s room so you could learn how to read. Best wishes!

  5. “knews” is a combination of “who knew” and “news” in case you thought this was JUST a mistake in spelling!

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