Alan Page

Alan Page (L), Me (R). Probably not necessary.

Yes, Alan Page.  The same Alan Page that was the main cog of the Minnesota Vikings “Purple People Eaters” and Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman.  And now Minnesota Supreme Court Judge Alan Page.  As I was leaving the “Mike and Mike” show on Friday at Target Field, I noticed a distinctive looking man with a cool beard.  Once I got done staring at his beard, I realized it was Page.  My mind quickly raced to what I said HERE. “Could he possibly have read my blog and came to find me here?” I wondered to myself.  Hard to say, because I didn’t ask him.  But I did ask him if he would take a picture with me as I knew photographic evidence would be necessary to win the game.  He was very kind and happy to do so.

Back in October while licking my wounds and Leaving Las Vegas I ran into Minnesota Vikings Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman John Randle in the airport.

John Randle

Not to be outdone, and looking to carve out a little “street cred” for herself, Red Sox Daughter posed with Minnesota Vikings Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman Carl Eller while in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago.

Carl Eller

Shortly after that photo was taken I wrote the blog wondering where in the world could Alan Page could be.  Well, I got my answer rather quickly.  RSD asked me whether I told Alan Page about our “game.”  I told her the thought crossed my mind but decided I would come off as “crazy” if I did.  Instead, I took the photo and scurried away.

So, to recap:  Me 2, RSD 1.  Game, set, match.

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