Mike and Mike

Mike Greenberg (L) and Mike Golic (R).

On Friday I had the opportunity to take in the “Mike and Mike” ESPN Radio show which is also simulcast on ESPN 2.  The odd couple appeared in the Legends Club at Target Field in Minneapolis.  Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic have teamed up to do the highly rated radio show for 11 years.  Greenberg is a self-described sports geek and Golic is an ex-NFL player.  Together they are very funny and their extreme differences make the show successful.  And it’s highly entertaining.  On a side note, Red Sox Daughter is a big fan of “Mike and Mike” and we often compare notes on the show.

Me, surrounded by a bunch of rubes.

Observant readers of The Tales will notice what appears to be a fancy chef in the background.  And you would be correct.  They had a breakfast buffet that was a 9 out of 10.  I took one point off because the glasses they used for the orange juice held just 6 ounces.  Anyway, guests that appeared in person on the show were Hall of Famers Rod Carew and Bert Blyleven.  Another highlight of the morning was that Target Field was completely lit up at 5:00 in the morning.  Below is the obligatory photo.

The 37th picture of Target Field that I've taken.

Tomorrow is a very, very special edition of RT.  Tune in to see who I met while at “Mike and Mike.”  You won’t believe it.

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7 thoughts on “Mike and Mike

  1. There were 4 of us from Fargo/Bismarck at Mike and Mike on Friday too. Enjoyed every minute of it. I even won free Opening Day Tickets! We were all happy to see that both Mikes are genuine guys. Golic was happy to hear we were from Cleveland ad patiently took pics with all of us. It was a great pick up up after witnessing the Sioux loss the night before.

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