Easton Corbin Coming to Grand Forks

Who is Easton Corbin, you ask?  To some in the country music business, he’s the “next George Strait,” although George Strait is alive and well and probably doesn’t need replacing.  But since every singer has to be labeled for some unknown reason, I guess being compared to Strait isn’t a bad thing.  And he does sound a lot like him.  Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

According to my sources, Corbin will be playing at The Ralph on September 1st.  Corbin’s hits include “A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll With It.”

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2 thoughts on “Easton Corbin Coming to Grand Forks

  1. Where at and when? didnt see nothing on his webstie but do see hes goin on a midwest swing in june july. hope its not at the al.

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