4 thoughts on “Japan Tsunami Video

  1. I’ve watched this a couple of times now and it’s just gut wrenching. You just know that there were people down there somewhere that are now gone.

  2. Sat with my hand covering my mouth for most of that. How horrible. It reminds me just how helpless and ineffective we are when it comes to controlling our environment on this planet. With a blink, the planet can just shrug us off… :(

  3. I’ve seen a lot of videos about the devastating calamity that swept Japan in just a matter of a blink. We really don’t know how fate would turn the world upside down. I’m not Japanese but I humbly ask for your help in order for Japan to stand on its feet again. Now is not the time for economic competition rather it’s the time for us to help each other. We may not belong to the same races but we still have a big thing in common and that id we are all human beings. I just do hope that this will not happen in my country also.

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