Cassie (R) at her last newsroom meeting. Also pictured, Brady Mallory (L) and Charley Johnson (C).

Today, March 25, 2011, is Cassie Walder’s last day on the job at WDAZ-TV.  For the last four six years she’s been my boss in the newsroom in her position as News Director.  At first it was a little strange having a boss younger than me, but I quickly began to embrace her forward thinking in terms of news coverage.  I also enjoyed how every-so-often a “topic” would get on her radar and she would be like pit bull working the phones, tracking down leads, sources and anything or anyone else that stood between her and a good story.  Especially if she felt she was getting the run-around from someone.  Then she went into a higher gear on the phone and suddenly the newsroom would fall silent as we all imagined the poor soul on the other end of the line curled up in the fetal position under their desk.  She had has news gathering in her blood.  And I don’t think it will ever leave her.  Even as she begins the next part of her life.

Six months ago I would have bet $1,400 that Cassie would never leave Grand Forks or WDAZ.  And that was one of her endearing traits:  She loves Grand Forks and always found the good in it.  Sometimes people are quick to criticize our fair city, but she searched and found the fun that is available.

Some little known facts about Cassie:

*Cassie is the person that alerted me to a little TV show called “The Office” about halfway through its first season.  And the rest is history.  That’s what she said.

*The same for “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”  Thank you.

*Cassie likes Beer and Wine.  Yes, I capitalized them.  And she would too.

*Cassie always bought those magazines that you see at the checkout counters.  After she would finish reading them, she would place them on my desk, so that I could look at the pictures of celebrities.  I wonder if she would be willing to mail them to me from Washington, D.C.?

*Cassie is a music buff.  Her tastes border on the fringes of what’s popular.  If someone or something becomes too mainstream, she moves onto something else.  I will miss her playing music at 2:30 every afternoon.

*Most importantly to me, she possesses an incredible sense of humor.  We spent hours a fair amount of time planning practical jokes.  The majority of which were aimed at TV’s David Schwab.  That will be missed.  And so will she.  Good luck Cassie!

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9 thoughts on “Cassie

  1. Haha… very nice Reg :) You left out a few years, though… she’s been News Director for almost 7 years…. I was her first hire back in 2004 :)

  2. This is very sweet. It made me laugh, then cry, but mostly it made me very proud of my little girl! Thank you Reggie!

  3. Can’t get enough of this stuff. Seems like Cassie doesn’t just affect lives, but she truly touches them. That’s quite a gift. Thanks for the sharing, Reggie!

  4. I never thought she would leave either. I know she will be truly missed by a lot of people. The cool thing is she will be closer to Tami and I… New York City get togethers might have to happen every once and a while.

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