Cedar Rapids: Reviewed

It’s a Good News, Bad News Monday.  My streak of seeing bad movies is over.  But “Cedar Rapids” was a decent movie that should have been better.  A couple weeks ago, a faithful follower of the Tales commented that he’d seen “Cedar Rapids” in New York before most of the country had even heard of it.  His take on it was that he waited and waited for the movie to get better and it just never happened.  I completely understand what he was talking about.

Ed Helms (Andy from The Office) plays  straight laced, conservative insurance agent Tim Lippe from a small town in Wisconsin.  He’s been given the opportunity of going to an insurance convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  This is a huge moment for him because he’s rarely traveled outside the friendly confines of Wisconsin and has never been on an airplane.  While at the conference, he encounters and befriends Dean Ziegler (John C. Reilly) who’s been to Cedar Rapids many times and knows everyone and everyone knows him.  He’s pretty much the opposite of Tim, and as he shows him the ropes, some hilarity ensues, but it should have been more.

For sure there are quite a few LOL moments.  I even forced a few myself just to try and get things rolling.  But at the end of the very short movie(88 minutes) I was left wanting more.

Cedar Rapids

River Cinema 15

No popcorn, (more on that tomorrow on a very special Lenten edition of the Tales) no drinks.

3 out of 5 stars.

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