Random Thursday

*Two words:  Mike’s Pizza.  Three more words:  Barbecue Chicken Pizza.

*I filled out a couple of those college basketball brackets, but I’m sure I won’t win any money because the winner is usually some person that you work with that has never actually seen a game.  Of any sort.

*Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

*Morneau and Mauer in the same lineup yesterday.  All is well in the universe.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Robin in Crookston.

*Is it wrong to try and dodge every water puddle in town?

*For those of you that were wondering, the Stephen Guys Bowling Tournament is coming up in April.  Following the tourney, some information will be release in this space.

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5 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. Back at ya Reggie! How did you know it was me? :) Go TWINS!! BTW, did you pick Morehead State?

  2. Tried to go the Shamrock when in St Paul for Final Five on your recommendation. Went at about 1:00 pm on Friday, walk up to door……closed. Sign stated “closed because of long night before (St.Patty’s Day). Will open ay 4:00 pm.” Ughhhh!

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