Perfect Bowler

Todd Iverson

You never know where some of your best news tips will come from.  Sometimes it’s an anonymous caller.  Or an e-mail.  Or your 12-year old daughter comes home from school and says her best friend’s dad has bowled four 300 games in the last 26 days.  Such was the case recently as I asked Blonde Daughter to repeat herself.  “Four 300 games in the last 26 days.”  I thought about those numbers for a couple seconds and decided “That’s pretty good.”  A 300 in bowling constitutes a perfect game.  12 consecutive strikes.  Yep.  Pretty good.

So thanks to BD, Todd Iverson’s very impressive feat of bowling excellence turned into a very nice television news story on WDAZ last night. You can watch it here.

One more thing: for good measure, shortly after the interview which took place at Liberty Lanes in East Grand Forks, Iverson bowled another perfect game.  His fifth in the last 30 days.  Pretty good.

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  1. Sounds like he’s just about qualified for the Stephen Guy bowling tourney…

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