Wally The Beer Man

(R) Wally The Beer Man

Wednesday in Hennepin County Court, Wally The Beer Man will be known by his real name, Wally McNeil.  McNeil, 76, will be in court for his trial to face charges that he sold beer to a minor (not to be confused with a Chilean Miner) at Target Field during a Twins game last year.  Wally pleaded not guilty and claims entrapment by the police.  He was fired from his job of selling beer, and is fighting to get it back.  It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

I took this photo of Wally at a Twins game last year.  I didn’t buy a beer from him because I was protesting the fact that he doesn’t even have to go up and down the stairs any more.  He was just standing in the concourse and patrons came up to him.  That’s how popular he is.  Rubes were excited to get a chance to buy a beer from Wally The Beer Man.  Strange but true.

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  1. Wally is a staple at sporting events, you do know he has his own trading card. It was a sad, sad day when he got in trouble…I saw his eyesight is going after all these years…could be a good defense :-)

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