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I recently stopped being mad about the Twins loss to the Yankees in the playoffs.  Recently.  And while it took a couple months longer than normal to get over it, I finally realized something:  The Twins made their run last year without Joe Nathan and Justin Morneau.  That’s pretty good if you stop and think about it objectively.  Some people (Summer Sidekick, I’m looking in your general direction) thought Ron Gardenhire should have been shown the door.  Instead, he was named the American League Manager of the Year.  I will agree to give him one more year.  And if the Twins meet the Yankees yet again in the playoffs, with the same results, then I will have to re-think my position.

But the thought of Minnesota adding a healthy Morneau and a hopefully healthy Nathan, I like our chances.  Notice I said “our” chances.  I feel like I’m part of the organization and have been dispensing free ideas for years.

I like this team.  But only if those two guys and Joe Mauer are at or near 100%.  It’s been a few years since Morneau has made it to the end of the season.  Just imagine if he puts a full season in.  He has the ability to hit .310, with 35 home runs, and 120 runs batted in.  I like our chances with him in the lineup.

If healthy, the Twins will win 95 games this year, which should be just enough to win the division.  Then let’s see what happens.  I love this time of year.

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4 thoughts on “Minnesota Twins

  1. You’re setting yourself up for heartbreak. See you in October when we watch the AL East champs win the whole thing. For the Twins to beat them, they would have to go on a “Major League” Clevland Indians-like streak.
    Peace Out, Yours Truly
    Habitual Twins Fan

  2. You and SSK need a roadtrip to KC in early June for Twins-Royals. You could even get some REAL BBQ while you’re here.

  3. Just happened to catch the article. Interesting observation.
    Some arrow points for a half a century Twins fan.
    1) Twins shouldn’t be able to compete with the Yankees. Simply dollars.
    (To expect them too is more of a wish than a baseball fact.)
    2) Nathan was done over 2 years ago. Too many people are hanging on to
    the past with him. Watch his control be a big issue. It had failed before
    he he blew his rotator.
    3) Gardy is a wizard and has a system. Grass is not greener anywhere else.
    4) Key to season is health (as always).

    • Two years ago Joe Nathan had 47 saves. His ERA was higher than the previous year but still pretty good at 2.10. His WHIP was an incredible .932, walks per 9 innings was 2.9 while K/9 was 11.7. These were very good numbers. He did struggle late in the season when his elbow (not rotator cuff) was likely already beginning to shred. That’s not to say he won’t have control problems this year as most pitchers coming off of Tommy John surgery do struggle in their first season back.

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