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Jerry Sloan quits coaching, UND baseball fan has nice seats

I found this pretty interesting.  Interesting enough that I took a picture of my TV screen.  I always keep my camera at my side in case my dog kids do something funny.  Last Thursday, Jerry Sloan of the Utah Jazz announced he was quitting as their coach.  So most of Friday, ESPN ran the story with the obligatory file video which accompanies these kinds of reports.  In the photo above, a young man sitting in the first row behind the Jazz bench is wearing a North Dakota Baseball shirt.  The blonde girl sitting next to him is drinking Diet Mountain Dew, which is my second favorite soda after Diet Coke.  Anyway, in the 24 hours that followed Sloan’s announcement, this guy wearing the North Dakota Baseball shirt was on ESPN about 700 times.  But you never got to see his face.

I checked with the best college baseball coach in the nation, UND’s Jeff Dodson, to see if he could tell me who it was.  He couldn’t figure it out either.

Maybe it’s a mystery.  Maybe it’s not.  Is he a UND baseball player?  A fan?  I think someone out there knows something.  I just wonder how he got such awesome seats.  Unless they were playing the Timberwolves at Target Center in Minneapolis.

In which case, I fully understand how such good seats would be available.

Special thanks to Red Sox Daughter for bringing this to my attention.

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