Westminster Dog Show

Fancy Minneapolis Dog Wins Best In Show

A Scottish Deerhound that goes by the name of Hickory won the Best In Show last night at the Westminster Dog Show in New York City.  In what many observers are calling a surprise win, Hickory walked away with the top dog honors and also won a shiny, silver bowl and a ginormous purple and yellow ribbon.  Way to go, Hickory.

I bet Hickory has never growled at the mailman, begged for popcorn or toast, or made a dog groomer cry.

And one more interesting side-note concerning the Westminster Dog Show:  49 of the 50 states were represented in the show.  Guess which state didn’t have a dog?  Wait for it…yep, North Dakota.  If we needed a contestant, I would have been glad to prance around with my Shih-Tzu.

Ps…a very underrated movie is “Best In Show.”  Check it out.  One of the funnier movies ever.

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9 thoughts on “Westminster Dog Show

  1. Perhaps our dogs are too busy acting like dogs (biting mailmen, chasing sticks and tails, begging for human food) instead of spoiled children to prepare for dog pageants? :)

  2. Very slow TV night for you if you were watching that. “Just go with it” really lowered your standards. Triump the insult comic dog was always great on Conan. Wonder if he is doing that skit on his new show.

  3. Best in Show is an excellent movie!
    I’m also glad the Scottish Deerhound won. Now maybe people won’t think I’m weird when I say I want one someday.

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