Juicy Lucy: We Have a Winner

In 2010, I spent all my spare time trying to find the perfect Juicy Lucy.  You may recall that a Juicy Lucy is a cheeseburger consisting of two hamburger patties with the cheese encased between the meat, and cinched in such a manner that it doesn’t escape during the cooking process.  If you’ve ever tried to do it at home, you know it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

To recap quickly, in chronological order, I had the JL at Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis, Southgate Bar and Grill, the El Roco, and the Green Mill in Grand Forks.  All were very good, with my favorite being the original at Matt’s Bar.

But that all changed this weekend.

The search is over and a clear winner has been determined:  Shamrock’s on 7th Street in St. Paul, just down the street from the Xcel Energy Center.  I can’t believe how good it was.  And the cheese never stopped.  It just kept on giving and giving.  And the JL itself is bigger than the other places, and the bun was also better.  Shamrock’s is a big, old-school joint that was very lively on Saturday afternoon.  The service was top-notch and so were the french fries, which were the crispy variety with part of the potato peels still on them.  Probably the best fries I’ve ever had.

The search is over.  Unless someone can come up with a convincing argument that points me in another direction, Shamrock’s Juicy Lucy is going to be a must on future visits to MSP.

If I were you, I’d get into my car or on my bike and head towards Shamrock’s.  Or a fast train.  It’s that good.

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