Happy Birthday Reggie Tales!

One year ago today, Reggie Tales made its debut.  Longtime readers will recall that in the early days the blog went by the name “Vancouver 2010.”  The original name stems from a special assignment covering the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I was asked to write a blog during the week I spent there.  I was told that I could write about anything I wanted.

So I did.

But then a funny thing happened when I returned from Vancouver.  It turns out that people were actually reading the blog.  My boss asked if I would continue to write.  Well, we needed a new name, and Reggie Tales was born.

Thinking back to the infancy of the blog, writing in Vancouver was easy.  I was in a city of millions of people and had millions of ideas to write about.  Common themes from that week were Sushi, dogs, food and…Henry.  Henry was the Original Sidekick.  You may recall that Henry owned the Milwaukee Market, a deli that was located on the ground floor of the condo I was staying in.  And I was a regular.  I loved the place because I didn’t have to pay for anything, they had Internet, loud music, and I didn’t have to pay for anything.

Henry (L), Me (R)

You can read more about Henry and me HERE.  Henry was a happy-go-luck character.  The first time he saw me he noticed that my jacket said Grand Forks on it.  “Grand Forks!! I love Grand Forks! We went there all the time when I was growing up in Winnipeg!”  He was very excitable.  From that day forward, Henry would bring food over to me while I was working on my laptop.  Frozen custard, sandwiches, and my favorite:  a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg (over-easy) on it.  Over the last year I’ve decided that Henry thought I was some kind of food reviewer for a major magazine.  After he would hand me the food, he would take two steps back and then watch me eat it, so as to bask in his cooking glory.  That’s when I started blogging about Henry, pretty much my best friend in Canada.  And the original sidekick.  My current sidekick does a nice job, but he goes missing for months at a time and doesn’t own a deli.

As a special surprise in anticipation of today, I called the Milwaukee Market in Vancouver to talk to Henry and see if he could send me some food catch up on old times.  But his phone had been disconnected.  A quick check on the Internet informed me that the Milwaukee Market had closed a few months ago.  That made me sad.  Because seriously, Henry was a very positive, energetic type guy.  At the same time, I can’t help but think that giving me $50 worth of free food wasn’t a good business decision.  I hope he can reopen at some point.

So, 365 days later, here we are.  Readers have visited Reggie Tales nearly 140,000 times.  It feels more like 10 years.  Some days I have a lot to say and others I don’t feel like writing.  But it’s been fun.  There’s been lots of talk of randomness, food, dogs, Juicy Lucys and sports.  I suspect Year Two will be similar.

Thanks to everyone that reads!

To celebrate, I’m going with some friends to St. Paul to watch T.J. Oshie and the St. Louis Blues take on the Minnesota Wild on Saturday.  And, as luck would have it, we’re sampling another Juicy Lucy joint.  Yep, Year Two is going to be pretty much the same.

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  1. hi! Sitting @ Breakers (formerly Franks) in Warroad with your bro (he says better looking bro), we just wanted to say HI!! And GO ROSEAU on Saturday!!!

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