Jake’s Revisited


I’ve made a couple of return visits to Jake’s Bar and Grill in South Grand Forks since its opening last Fall.  I like the location on the southest end of South Washington.  I also like the dark wood decor and the 60+ flat screen televisions which pretty much wallpaper the joint.  It’s a perfect place for a person with OCD, such as me.

On my most recent visit, The Good Doctor and I went to check out the new menu items added last week.  Among them we found some “Wraps.”  Or is it “Raps?”  Not sure.  Anyway, we each had the steak one.  And it was very good.  It had a lot of stuff in it.  It normally comes with chips but we ordered fries instead and that was a good idea because I consider the fries at Jake’s to be the best in town.  They are the thin, crispy kind.  And lots of them.

Additionally, I ordered a bowl of potato bacon soup.  I did this because in the entryway of Jake’s, there was a chalkboard listing the day’s specials, which included the potato bacon soup.  And I thought if someone took the trouble of writing on a chalkboard I was going to take the trouble of eating it.  I’m glad I did.  I’m not sure who made it, but it was awesome.  But I need more than two small crackers.  I need “kinda a lot” of crackers, something I failed to mention to our waiter who was decent but could be better.

All in all, there were a handful of new items on the menu.  Some of the “introductory prices” from the first menu are gone.  I noticed that the “Spike,” which is pretty much the signature Polish sausage item at Jake’s, had gone up a buck and the Jake’s Sampler platter had gone up $5.  And I still wish the menu would get even more extensive, like maybe a steak or some pasta dishes.  Just my .02 cents.  Anyhow, a good time was had by all.  And by “all,” I mean TGD and me.

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  1. Don’t forget that when you order “kinda a lot” of crackers, you need to make the hand gesture signalling a handful. That way you will get at least 16 to 20 crackers.

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