Friday Photo: Sign of Spring

Dairy Queen/Orange Julius. Also pictured, McDonald's.

A figurative and literal sign that Spring is coming:  The sign for the new Dairy Queen/Orange Julius went up this week on South Washington in Grand Forks.  I’ve been monitoring the progress of the construction of the combo joint since they tore the old Dairy Queen down last Fall.  I also appreciate the fact that the sign also includes one of those digital displays so that they can advertise “Large Orange Julius for the Price of a Small” and “Free Cookie Dough Blizzards” or “Starbucks, Take Down Your Fence!”  Anyway, it’s very exciting to this long-deprived Orange Julius fan.  The first one I get is going to be the old-school original Orange Juluis.  Then a Banana Strawberry.

Another sign of Spring?  The snow pile located under the sign was five feet taller a couple days ago.

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