Friday Photos

Yes, I made it back.  And to celebrate, I’m going to share some photos from Washington D.C. with you.  I know it feels like you’re having to look at someones family vacation photo album, but please pretend to be interested.  Thanks.

Pizza place in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. With a name like “Reggio’s”, it has to be good. Didn’t try it because it was 8:00 in the morning.

Washington Monument. Or as one cabbie called it, “A really big pencil.”

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven at a press conference. Great political minds will recognize the man fourth from the right as Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. When I took this picture I had my TV camera on my right shoulder and my camera which doubles as a cell phone in my left. I think many in the room were quite impressed.

Veteran Washington D.C. correspondent Charley Johnson hails a cab during inclement weather.

The final scene from "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles." The flight from Chicago to Fargo. I took this self-portrait so that historians could better understand why I went crazy. Â It could also be titled "Dazed and Confused."

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2 thoughts on “Friday Photos

  1. Wow Reg – didn’t know you were doing this at DAZ! You look good and I’m impressed with the whole video camera and still camera/phone juggling you did!

    Hope all is well and that you NEVER had to drive while you were in D.C.

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