State of the Union Address

State of the Union Ticket

This might be hard to believe, but I will be attending President Obama’s State of the Union Address at the Capitol tonight.  I’m going to file this under “Once in a lifetime.”  My WDAZ-TV colleague Charley Johnson and I were presented with the opportunity today and we quickly snatched it.  We will be seated in the Gallery, which is the upper level of the House Chambers where the speech is delivered.  During the course of the day today, we learned that a ticket to this event (yes, it’s an actual ticket) is comparable to a ticket to the Super Bowl.  In fact, I’ve spent a better part of the day telling random people that I’m going to the State of the Union Address.  Some people seem genuinely happy for us.  Others look like they would like to strangle us.  Regardless, I’m going.  And I’m going to try and soak in every last second of it.  I wonder if I can pull out my phone and snap a few pictures?  Probably not.  Nonetheless, a full report will follow.

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11 thoughts on “State of the Union Address

  1. I always thought i’d see you on one of the major networks Reggie. I just didn’t think it would be you standing on your chair yelling “where’s your birth certificate! ” as your tackled by secret service… Reggie! U

  2. President Obama – “We have with us today a gentlman from Grand Forks, North Dakota. Through our ‘Second Chance Initiative’ he was able to climb his way out of inner city Marshall County. He’s just one example of what our policies have done for middle class America…………..”

    • Classic. I actually thought I would get a mention. Alas, I was told my story was dropped due to “time constraints.” Maybe next year.

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