The U.S. Capitol Building

Me (L), Charley (R)

The weather today in Washington was about 32 degrees, sunny, and crisp.  There is no snow here, but they may get some later this week.  We got here about two hours late due to some unexplained delay in Chicago at the O’Hare Airport.  I assume it was Jay Cutler’s fault.  Once we got to D.C. we went to the Capitol and got our press credentials.  Charley and I shot some promotional spots and we are now regrouping and getting ready to head out to eat at The Founding Farmers restaurant.  The Founding Farmers is the revamped and renamed Agraria Restaurant which was the North Dakota Farmers Union Co-op owned restaurant here in Washington.  The address is 1924 Pennsylvania Avenue.  I haven’t known Charley very long so I hope he likes to eat.  I promise a full report.

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7 thoughts on “The U.S. Capitol Building

  1. Any guy who loves sports has to hit the ESPN ZONE in D.C. Not far from the Capitol. Head downstairs and park your seat in one of the leather recliners in front of about 50 TVs. They have very cold Miller Lite.

  2. Hey…are you all dolled up for a reason or do all photogs in DC wear suits???? Lookin’ good!

    • Thanks. I was trying to look like “I belonged.” I might stay with that look and see if it plays in NoDak.

  3. Reggie-The Founding Farmers restaurant is the second ND Farmers Union Co-op restaurant. Agraria was located on the waterfront in Georgetown and has now been renamed Farmers & Fishers. I remember my visit to Agraria as the bartender had never met anyone from ND, so free beer for me.

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