D.C. Dining: Founding Farmers Restaurant

Tonight I had the opportunity to break bread (and meat and wine) about four blocks from the White House at a place called Founding Farmers.  It’s a restaurant owned by the North Dakota Farmer’s Union, and it prides itself on serving things that can only be grown or raised in North Dakota.  Located at 1924 Pennsylvania Avenue, Founding Farmers was jam-packed on a Monday evening at 8:00.  And according to my Washington Insider, D.C. Kevin, it’s like that every night.  Kevin is a high-roller and he made reservations for himself and a couple of TV guys from North Dakota.  And I’m glad he did.  Let me just cut to the chase:  I had the Prime Rib.  Yes, shocking, I know.  Even more shocking:  Top Three of All-Time.  You know when you get Prime Rib and it has that nice coat of crusty herbs and spices and yet somehow juices are still flowing out of it?  Yep, that was it.  Usually on Prime Rib there is that one little end where it is very tender and unbelievable tasting.  Well, imagine the whole piece of meat being like that.  The Good Doctor knows exactly what I’m talking about.  In fact, it took all of my will-power not to call or text him during the meal.  I hope this suffices for him.  Sometimes people will call each other after the birth of a child or other momentous life-events;  The Good Doctor and I call each other after eating a piece of meat that is life-altering.  It was that good.

If you ever get the chance to go to Washington, look up the Founding Farmers Restaurant.  But plan ahead.  It has become quite hip and trendy and word of the Prime Rib is bound to get out.

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    • Not at all. It was $28 for 16 oz. For Washington D.C., that is a fair price. In Grand Forks the same piece of Prime Rib would be about $20-24. For this city, the prices were very, very reasonable across the board.

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