Random Thursday

*To Kristin Kristen at AT&T Alltel, thanks for fixing my BlackBerry yet again.  I am sick and tired of waiting for Alltel to switch to AT&T patiently waiting for my IPhone.

*To Scott at Fine Print:  I’m still waiting for my 2011 desk calendar.  Every square inch of my December 2010 is now officially full.

*I finally watched for the first time, the original True Grit from 1969, starring John Wayne and Glen Campbell and some little girl.  It was ok.  I’m sure back then it was probably considered an epic movie.  Film-making has come a long way.

*Del’s Cafe in the K-Mart Mall Grand Cities Mall is still awesome after all these years.

*Happy Belated Birthday to Jimmy From Accounting.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Chris in Detroit Lakes.

*Bad news on Bigfoot’s appearance at Columbia Mall on Saturday:  He’s canceled due to the cold.

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4 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. You must have some pull Reg…I tried this person U speak of. It was like waiting for Bigfoot to walk by. Nothing ever happend!

  2. You’re taking a shot at True Grit?? That’s it, I’m cancelling my subscription to your blog.

    • Let’s not doing anything rash here. I’m not really taking a shot at the original True Grit…I’m sure it was the cat’s meow back in the Olden Times…I’m just saying that there was quite a bit of “over-acting” in that flick.

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