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Once every year, for the last 20 years or so, usually at about this time of the year, it gets “reported” that an Olive Garden is coming to Grand Forks.  I stopped holding my breath on these proclamations about 15 years ago.  How does the old saying go?  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me 15 times…?  At this point, it’s more believable that Bigfoot himself will be making a personal appearance at Columbia Mall on Saturday, signing copies of his new book, “I’m Real” near the Center Court area, adjacent to the Pretzel Maker.

The fact that the rumor story never goes away is one thing.  The other thing is that it somehow makes us out to be a bunch of hicks.  Like we’ve somehow been wandering around town like zombies waiting for the Olive Garden to open.  As if we are somehow defined by Olive Garden.

I have nothing against Olive Garden.  In fact, if they do ever come to Grand Forks, I will go.  But the news that our fair city is once again being considered, at least to me, is being greeted with a shoulder shrug and a “whatever.” I will believe it’s real when I’m polishing off my seventh bread stick.

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7 thoughts on “Olive Garden

  1. Great bigfoot reference, Reggie. I couldn’t agree more, on the rest of the post OR on the reference.

    We who follow Reggie Tales want more of your Vikings wisdom on Assistant Coaches! Bring it on!

  2. I asked one time about them coming to Grand Forks but Olive Garden said they closes to Grand Forks would be Grafton, they have like a 100 mile rule that they can only have 1 every 100 miles.

    • I heard rummors of a Pizza Ranch coming to Grand Forks, possibley in the stripmall at Menards.

    • That’s not true.. I just got a job working at one that’s opening in a few weeks and it’s about halfway between two that are definitely not 100 miles apart.

  3. Uh, Reggie – maybe you didn’t know this, but Bigfoot already made his appearance several years ago…in Crookston! Evidently someone killed him right away because he was displayed for a couple of years in all his stuffed, hairy glory at RBJs! So relax, there is hope for Olive Garden in GF! And you don’t need to worry about feeling like a hick. Think Crookston. We’d be excited over here if we heard a rumor about Burger King, haha.

  4. What date is bigfoot coming to the mall????? I really want my book signed…do you want to come with me Reg????I’m so excited!!!!! Lisa, i let RBJ’s display my bigfoot i got bacause my living room wasn;t tall enough and the dog didn’t like him much either.

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