Good-Bye Kent, Regis

This morning, within about an hour of each other, two prominent, national heavyweights decided to announce that they were retiring from their current positions.  North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad and TV talk show host Regis Philbin.  Regis hosts “Regis and Kelly” with Kelly Ripa.  I’ve never really cared for her, so I basically stopped watching the show when Kathie Lee Gifford left.  I didn’t really care too much for her either but she made the show interesting and I got the sense that Regis didn’t like her either.  There was always some weird tension associated with the show.

I saw Regis at a Notre Dame football game that I attended about four years ago.  He was very short.  Kent Conrad is a lot shorter than he looks on TV too.  Most famous people are short.

I wonder if Conrad would have waited another day to make his announcement if he’d known that Regis was going to upstage him.  I like Sen. Conrad too.  He’s a big baseball fan.

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2 thoughts on “Good-Bye Kent, Regis

    • It’s not as bad as it sounds. The first 10 minutes of those shows were television GOLD. They each reviewed what they had done the night before. It was the only part of the show that I watched. Honestly.

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