Vikings Assistants

This Monday morning brings us the news that Vikings are close to making a deal with former 49’ers Head Coach Mike Singletary to coach the linebackers.  Meanwhile, the Vikings are still waiting to hear if former Denver coach Josh McDaniels will be joining them as their offensive coordinator.  I fully endorse both of these pending deals.  The NFL is all about the assistant coaches.  The Head Coach is the guy that hires everyone, and then turns the coaching duties over to them.  I think if you take a look at the successful teams around the NFL, you will see teams with good assistants.  Singletary seems like a genuinely good guy and probably a very good linebackers coach.  And having been a Head Coach for the last few years, I think he would bring a good perspective to his new job.  And the same is true for McDaniels.  Sure he’s young, brash, and cocky, but as an offensive coordinator he’s cutting edge and really made a name for himself in New England when he helped turn Matt Cassell into an NFL quarterback.

Get both of these guys, and the Vikings will be half the way back to respectability.

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