Church and the Remote Car Starter

It’s 2011 and it’s time for us to have an open and honest discussion about a serious topic that many of us have been afraid to talk about:  When should you use your remote car starter during church? I actually have been thinking about it for a couple of years.  And I know I’m not alone.

It has always been my opinion that a remote car starter should only be used during a raucous song, one of those that usually comes at the end of church.  And if your church has a band or at least one guy playing a guitar or a fiddle, that’s a pretty good time to start the car.  I personally wait until the “Communion Song” begins and then I push the button immediately.  That gives my car about ten minutes of running time before church is over.

But as the weather gets colder, I find that people are getting more brazen with their car-starting during church.  Often-times, worshipers are actually starting their vehicles during silence.   How long before churches start outlawing starters?  Or if they catch you, they remove you from the premises?  Me?  I keep my hand in my pocket and continue to “sing” loudly as I push my button.

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8 thoughts on “Church and the Remote Car Starter

  1. First off, not a huge fan of car starters…I’m just not that lazy yet! With that said if you have kids and it is cold outside its nice to have a warm vehicle to get into…(Kids are spoiled). Reg, your ten min rule is about right on and please ppl only during a song is this exceptable. If you have a HorseSh___t starter do not stand on your Puuuu and try to start it! Buy a new remote starter, you should have saved enough gas money to purchase one. One more thing, if your starter is not a good one don’t walk up to it and push the button ten feet away thats dumb!

  2. Can’t think of something more subtly disrespectful than to use your car starter during church. Not only does it send the message, “I can’t wait to get out of here,” but also, “Acheiving my level of comfort is more important than the task at hand, which is worshipping God.” You may as well not even be there.

    • I’m with you, Dustin. I don’t think it’s EVER appropriate to use a car starter during the service. If you absolutely HAVE to warm up your car, maybe you could hang out for 5 minutes after the service and actually talk to your fellow church-goers.

  3. In olden times, you either had to get into your cold frozen car to TRY and start it after church or you had to leave it RUNNING for the whole church service.

    What are these “Remote Car Starters” you speak of??


  4. I have noticed people have become crafty with their remote starting. There seems to be more parents that will to take their kids (some almost dragging their kids) to the restroom or to get a drink of water about 15 minutes before church ends.

  5. You should never use your remote car starter during church…it’s disrespectful. It’s as bad as when people leave church before mass is even done. I’ve seen people walk out of church ahead of the priest. How sad is that.

  6. I think it’s perfectly appropriate to use your car starter before the service is over. I gotta believe that under his robe the priest has an Astro starter hanging from one of those belt chains that truck drivers use. Either that or the priest has tipped one of the ushers in the back of the church to hit his car starter at an opportune moment.

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