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My new favorite show isn’t really new at all.  It’s just new to me.  Don’t you just hate when something is new to someone, so they assume it’s new to everyone? I’ve been going on and on the last couple of weeks about the “Dan Patrick Show” to anyone that will listen.  Dan Patrick has been doing a radio show for a few years now but just recently they  started simulcasting it on television.  At least locally.  And since it’s on TV, I will watch it.  In Grand Forks it is on cable channel 28 and 622 from 8:00 a.m to 11:00.

Patrick is the former ESPN Sports Center anchor who left the “Mothership” and headed out on his own.  He’s very funny, witty, and knowledgeable about sports.  And he’s 54 years old, which I find hard to believe.  Anyway, he has great guests and a very good cast of sidekicks.  And he lets them say pretty much anything they want.

I used to be a huge fan of the “Imus in the Morning” radio show which was simulcast on MSNBC.  Radio on TV is very good.

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One thought on “Dan Patrick Show

  1. I have been a big fan of DP on radio for many years. Always like his subtle jabs at the mothership. When he had Rob Dibble as a sidekick years back, very entertaining. Cowheard good as well on ‘real life’ observations. Rome has always been good on radio but doesn’t translate well to TV with JRIB. His repeated rants, beating a certain topic to death are priceless. ‘I MAN’ was always a good cure for insomnia at 4am here……. 6’5′ 280, Ding….

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