Random Thursday

*I see that the movie “Inception” is now out on DVD.  Maybe I should rent it so I can feel like a moron again, but this time in the comfort of my home.

*Is it a bad sign when you walk outside when it’s -5 Fahrenheit and you say to yourself, “It’s not too bad.”?

*A couple years ago, gas was $3 a gallon and people took to the streets with pitchforks and torches in protest.  Now it’s $3 a gallon and there seems to be little or no outrage.  Except for me.  I am not a crazy old person, but when I was in college at Moorhead State University, gas was $1 a gallon at the Orton’s on Main in Moorhead.

*That reminds me, I sure do miss Mick’s Office in Moorhead.  I understand it’s still open and still awesome.  Some things never change.  Other than gas prices.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Mike and Thonya in Fosston.

*A couple of Fargo Force Hockey leftovers.  Sioux Hockey fans are going to enjoy Colten St. Clair and Zane Gothberg.  St. Clair was the best player on the ice and Gothberg is a big goalie, structurally and fundamentally sound, always square to the puck.  There is very little to shoot at when he’s in the net.

*One last thing:  To the UND Hockey Coaches:  Brian Cooper of the Fargo Force is an uncommitted defenseman from Alaska.  He’s very good.  At 5 foot 9 inches, he generated a slap shot from the point on the power play that would be best described as a heat-seeking missile.  It’s a good thing he missed the net because it might have killed the goalie if it had been on target.

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