Must See TV

I guess I will add my own hype to an already very hyped-up situation. Tonight at 6:00, veteran newsman Charley Johnson will make his WDAZ debut. And then he will follow it up with an encore presentation at 10:00. Pretty exciting stuff for the Northern end of the Valley. I will be watching and I hope you do too. And if you can’t see WDAZ where you’re at, you can always check us out at, where you can watch entire newscasts or individual stories.

For the last week, Charley has been busy learning all the behind-the-scenes intricacies which make up the day-to-day operations of a newsroom. One thing he has yet to learn is that the “New Guy” always should bring treats to work. Especially the first month or so. I wonder if Charley has ever been referred to as the “New Guy” before? It’s a term of endearment here.

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2 thoughts on “Must See TV

  1. We in WDAZ-land are blessed to have such a very well-respected, veteran newsman report via TV to our homes. Welcome to GF Charley!

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