The Argyle Cookbook

A lot of good things have come out of Argyle, Minnesota.  Lots of great people and many good friends.  And historians will point out that the majority of my Argyle friendships were made before the combining of the two schools, Stephen and Argyle.

The Cooking Bible

But more importantly, historians will also say that Argyle’s biggest contribution to the world in its 127 years of existence has been the “Argyle Centennial Cookbook.”  Or, as I’m going to refer to it as, “The Blue Bible.”

The Blue Bible originally was published in 1983 as part of Argyle’s centennial celebration.  I’ve always held the opinion that Argyle folks were a “festive people.”  I’ve even heard some old-timers say that some Argyleites Argyleians people from Argyle enjoy a beer from time-to-time.  Well, beer and The Blue Bible pretty much cements their place in Northwestern Minnesota lore.  Congrats!

For the past decade, my friend, The Good Doctor, has been telling me tales of recipes from the cookbook.  I assumed he was lying because nobody would ever dare to add all those awesome ingredients together.  Well, it turns out he was telling the truth.  Because on Thanksgiving Day (Irony!) my favorite sister (the one that shares a birthday with Brett Favre, I won’t say who’s older but it’s very close) presented me with her spare copy of the The Blue Bible.  It was in mint condition.  Giving someone your spare copy of the Argyle Cookbook would be similar to donating a kidney.  I carefully leafed through the pages until my trembling hands came upon the Sausage Stuffing recipe from Rosie Stoltman.

I started to drool.  And then I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I blacked out for twenty seconds.

I can’t wait to get to work on that cookbook.  So many recipes, so little time.

Thanks, Argyle.

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9 thoughts on “The Argyle Cookbook

  1. I am on my second copy….first one was used so much that pages ripped out! Its the best and still available at some businesses in ARgyle.

    • Also if that was the recipe the Good Doctor used for Thanksgiving it was the best he’s ever made!!!!

  2. My “banana bread” page has almost crumbled into pieces! I didn’t know that the cookbooks were still available! Great news!

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